full-height aluminium partitions


Cona BASIC is a full-height soundproof system of aluminium partitions. It is a multi-purpose system, which is easily and quickly installed, with the possibility of changing the initial configuration if necessary. Fulfilling the functions of subdividing premises, the system serves also as a part of the interior design with its own aesthetic and art value.


doors in aluminium frame


Cona Basic system makes it possible to set up doors in aluminum frame with filling or full glazed doors. It is possible to mount them in the existing building columns as well as in Cona Basic partitions. We offer Cona Basic folding doors and swinging doors, with different kinds of filling. Depending on the interior there can be used different kind of materials – glass, multiple glass unit, laminated wood particle board etc. Cona Basic doors are convenient to use and easy to clean.

Cona LUX

frameless glass partitions


Cona Lux is unframed fully glazed partition wall system.

Glass is perfect material for interior fantasy realization, glass gives the room’s interior unique and elegant appearance. It is possible to combine sliding and fixed parts. Glass creates an open and spacious room impression, which is an important aspect in small offices and homes.

Cona LUX

fameless glass doors


Fully glazed doors or frameless doors for office and residential space separation. Those will perfectly fit in different types of interior, keeping light and expanse feeling in the room. It is possible to put the doors in existing doorway or in wood and aluminum box.


low height office partitions and desk dividers for workspace separation


Cona LIGHT is a system of partial height aluminium partitions, the main function of which is the paritioning of working places.
The main advantages of Cona LIGHT are its functionality, economic efficiency and elegant design.
Partitions of that type are foldable and are particularly suitable for offices, where a change of the configuration of working places is possible. Cona LIGHT is constructed in such a way that it does not change the initial design planning of premises and fulfils partition functions only.

Cona 70

WC and shower partitions


Cona 70 is an aluminum profile system for WC and shower room partitions. It is unique with its simple design, material quality and attractive design. WC cabins and shower room partitions are practical and easy to maintain. Starpsienu centrs Ltd. engineers have developed the first professional aluminum profile systems for WC cabins for children. There are two standard heights available: 1200mm and 1400mm. For children, this means more convenience and directly suitable conditions for them.