Glass railings

Glass is versatile material with wide range of application both in the interiors and exteriors. This is one of most aesthetic materials with such visual qualities which other materials do not possess. Glass railings protect balconies, terraces and decks from the dust and wind, at the same time glass does not create any visual barriers and allows for uninterrupted views of surroundings.

Stainless steel/ Glass & Staineless steel railings

Stainless steel and glass railings bring elegance and airy feeling both to the interiors and exteriors.

Steel railings and steel railings combined with glass are functional design elements which offer many advantages – they are aesthetically appealing, safe, durable and they are easy to maintain.

For more cozy look steel and glass railings can be combined with wooden elements such as wooden handrails or other design details.

Cona Sky

Balcony, loggia and terrace glazing system

This is glass – aluminium sliding system which is especially safe and convenient. Its main quality is that, unlike other similar constructions, there is no rattling sound which may be caused by wind or any vibrations. The modules can be filled with various filling materials such as transparent, frosted or tinted glass or different colors PVC.

Glazing of balconies, loggias and terraces provides an elegant, contemporary look both of the older houses and new buildings. CONA SKY allows to increase living area, suppress noise and protect the area against the direct exposure to weather conditions.